Reduction Of Inflammation
Accelerated Healing
Relief Of Pain

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What is Class IV Laser Therapy?

Class IV Laser Therapy is the precise application of amplified infrared light to a targeted area.

Class IV Therapy Lasers are the drug free, surgery free, clinically proven, FDA cleared, non invasive, medical miracle of the future.

Laser Therapy reduces inflammation, accelerates healing, relieves pain, and is the fastest growing pain treatment method in professional sports, college athletics, and pain management practices.

How Do Class IV Lasers Work?

Red blood cells are the transport mechanism that deliver oxygen to all the working cells in the body.

Infrared laser light increases micro circulation and stimulates red blood cells to deposit more of the oxygen they are transporting, directly to the specific targeted area.

The mitochondria (metabolic powerhouse) of damaged cells do not produce energy at the rate of normal healthy functioning cells, which slows the recovery and healing process tremendously.

The additional oxygen created by the absorption of infrared Laser light stimulates the mitochondria of damaged cells to produce more energy which acts to reduce inflammation, relieve pain, and accelerate the healing and recovery process.



It's Hard To Be Happy When You Hurt

We understand pain. You can't sleep, you have less energy, you don't concentrate as well, you're less productive with work, you're not as dependable to the people around you, and you start to rely on pain relievers or mediations...but with the breakthrough Laser technology available here, allowing pain to shut you down, is simply no longer necessary!

What Conditions Do We Treat?

Because the Laser works by helping the body heal the body, it works across a broad spectrum of aches, pains, and injuries.

The conditions and areas we treat include: neck, shoulder, low back, hip, arthritis, plantar fashiitis, hand, elbow, pre and post operative, migraines, wrist, foot, knee, achilles tendon, and ankle.

93% SUCCESS RATE... over the past year we've treated 134 people. 125 out of 134 experienced pain relief with 3 or more treatments, 79 out of 134 (59%) improved after just one treatment.

Healing With Infrared Laser Light Is The Future Of Pain Care

Drug Free
Surgery Free
Clinically Proven
Non Invasive
FDA Cleared



"Here at LASER PAIN RELIEF SARASOTA, we make getting started with us a very simple risk free decision. We'll start you off with a FREE no obligation consultation, and then we'll give you a 100% Money Back Guarantee on your pain relief Laser treatments. It really is that easy, just give us a call and we'll get you started. All you have to lose is pain and inflammation!"
Reduction Of Inflammation
Accelerated Healing
Relief Of Pain

For your first visit we schedule 40 minutes, 20 for your consultation, and 20 for you first treatment if you choose to proceed.

When you choose to proceed you will purchase our initial 3 visit package for $65 per treatment which includes our 100% money back guarantee.

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Our Rates

1 Treatment


Per treatment
3 Treatments


Per treatment, $195 total.
Initial Package
Initial 3 treatment package includes:

Fee Consultation
100% Money Back Consultation
7 additional treatments for $42 each.
10 Treatments


Per treatment, $490 total.

How many Laser treatments are required for my specific ache, pain, or injury?

Superficial and less severe conditions generally require 3-6 treatments. Deeper, chronic, and more severe conditions typically require 8-12 treatments.

Depth of Penetration 1mm 50mm
Power Output 1/2watt 15watts
Treatment Time 6000 Joules 200 minutes 6 1/2 minutes
Cost of LASER $500-2000 $28,000
We Have The Most Technologically Advanced Class IV Deep Tissue Pain Laser In Existence

LASER PAIN RELIEF has partnered with LiteCure Medical, the leading developer and manufacturer of Class IV pain therapy Lasers to provide you with the 15 watt LIGHTFORCE FX.

Not all therapy lasers are created equal. Class III Lasers have less than 1/2 watt of power, and Class IV Lasers have more than 1/2 watt of power. Our Lightforce FX Laser has 15 watts of power.

Only Class IV Lasers provide a high enough output of power, to deliver the necessary depth of penetration, with the appropriate therapeutic wave lengths, to achieve the recommended infrared light dosage.

Class III low power Lasers are marketed and sold using gimmicks and false claims that they have the same capabilities as high powered Class IV Lasers. The truth is Class III Lasers simply do not have adequate power to deliver therapeutic dosages to necessary depths.







By Appointment Only

"I tried Class IV Laser therapy at "LASER PAIN RELIEF SARASOTA" before and after my rotator cuff surgery for three reasons: First, it just make sense that increased blood flow, oxygen and vital nutrients to an injury would speed healing …Second, the science behind it seems rock solid, and … Third, friends of mine rave about how effective it is. The proof is in the pudding:  When I have to skip treatments, I find I have more pain and decreased range of motion. Deep tissue laser therapy works!".


"I tried "LASER PAIN RELIEF SARASOTA" to help relieve my chronic pain of my legs (IT bands, hips and knees). The pain had been present for years since hip surgery and was only dulled by pain medications. I tried Class IV Laser treatments at Laser Pain Relief of Sarasota after having moderate success with an older Class III laser about 5 years ago. I was surprised to begin to experience relief after the first session. With each session, the pain subsided and I am now pain free. It worked so well for me, that I returned for pain in my shoulder after a shoulder injury. The shoulder pain started to subside after the third treatment and resolved completely after completing the course. I highly recommend trying this treatment".


"I had been dealing with ongoing shoulder pain for over two years. The pain was a nagging issue that impacted my sleep and restricted the range the range of motion in my right arm. I had tried a number of remedies to resolve the issue that included both cortisone shots and ongoing exercise but neither of these methods solved the problem. I became aware of "LASER PAIN RELIEF SARASOTA" and their Class IV Laser treatments from a friend who had been experiencing similar issues with his shoulder. I signed up for ten laser treatments, and over a period of three weeks completed the protocol. The visits were brief, painless, and efficiently managed. The results were very successful and the pain was reduced significantly. As a result I no longer have any issues sleeping, my range of motion is completely freed up, and I don't live with that nagging pain any longer. I would highly recommend this treatment to anyone who may be experiencing ongoing pain issues."


"After injuring my back boxing I naturally went to an Orthopedic Center. I was given many rounds of painful Cortisone injections and was told I may need to stay off my feet for as long as six months for it to properly heal. With a husband, 5 kids, and two businesses I laughed and left somewhat discouraged. I reached out to a few friends in the neuromuscular massage industry who told me about Class IV Laser Therapy. Without hesitation I began aggressively with two treatments a week and haven't had an injection since. Two years later I'm still cycling, paddle boarding, and running my business and household without missing a beat. I can say with 100% certainty, Class IV Laser Therapy changed my painful life into a pain free life! As soon as I feel discomfort I schedule a treatment with "LASER PAIN RELIEF SARASOTA" and by the time I walk out the door the fire is out. My down time goes from several days to an hour tops!"


"I have always been very active and involved in athletics and with that, have had on and off lower back pain for 15 years. I've been to several chiropractors and was told on more then one occasion that I may need surgery.  After a couple Class IV Laser therapyTreatments at "LASER PAIN RELIEF SARASOTA" I started to learn the secret to achieving a pain free life.  In a few sessions, my nagging lower back pain was relieved and I started actually enjoying exercise and activities again."


"After suffering with plantar fasciitis for more than a year, I was reduced to playing volleyball just once a week and would pay a heavy price, limping for days afterwards and recover just in time to start the cycle of pain all over again.  Thankfully, I found "LASER PAIN RELIEF SARASOTA" and after approximately 10 sessions with the class IV laser the plantar fasciitis is only a bad memory.  I experienced pain relief after the very first session and found that between sessions I was able to slowly increase my general activity level with a corresponding decrease in the time spent limping around after extended volleyball playing. Thanks to the laser treatments knocking out my very stubborn plantar fasciitis I feel like my mojo is back and I'm a new person!"


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